Kurt R. Klaus advances the business interests of companies and individuals involved with the development, production, acquisition, licensing, and commercialization of media content and entertainment properties.  He assists clients with maximizing the value of their intellectual properties, services, and tangible goods and protects client interests from disingenuous dealings, infringements, and claims.  He represents clients in multi-party and common negotiations involving a wide range of transactions and disputed matters.  He handles all aspects of federal registrations for trademark and copyright matters.

In addition, Kurt provides advice concerning customary and innovative best business practices.  He forms simple and multifaceted business structures for both conventional and non-profit companies.

Kurt's clients include film and television production companies and cable networks, independent film and television producers and directors, record companies, music and book publishers, IT businesses, developing musical artists and writers, actors, business owners, and a variety of other concerns.

Kurt's work history also includes management experience at an international media company, film and television production, music production and publishing, screenplay writing, radio, and serving as an adjunct professor.